And sew it begins…

January 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

Hello blogosphere! I am your most recent edition, Amelia, resident of Aarhus in Denmark, age 19,  a sewing and cooking enthusiast!

The pun in the title was far to tempting to miss. I apologise for my love of terrible jokes in advance to any of you poor readers who don’t share in this. Its fun – really! Plus laughter is the best medicine!

I guess the pun also lies in this case. Just a little. See, my life as a sewing enthusiast began at the ripe old young age of 5, when in my primary school class, the teacher decided to help us to sew some patchwork. Ever since, my lovely mother has been teaching me to sew. Thank god she has ample resources. A room the size of a small bedroom, is dedicated to her sewing and you couldn’t, and still can’t now, move 1 cm outside the designated paths to the patterns and sewing machines. It’s from her I learnt nearly everything I know and I owe this small, who am I kidding, large obsession to her.

But being the procrastinator I am, I can never seem to finish anything quickly. Construction takes all of 2 days but adding buttons and the likes – weeks. After I have actually completed the bulk of the sewing, I’m already excitedly planning the next thing I want to make. Planning can also take an age, while I find the perfect pattern for what I have in mind and the fabric needs to be exactly what I want before I set the ball rolling. It’s not that I dislike the small fiddly bits at the end of making a garment, I just prefer the initial phase better, where things are actually taking shape and you can see what you have made out of a flat piece of fabric. Once that’s done, the sparkle diminishes a little, until the excitement of finally finishing completely sets in and I cant wait to wear what I have made. I can’t be the only one, right?

So my hope for this blog, is that maybe it will help me to be less of procrastinator. With a bunch more time on my hands due to unemployment extended Christmas vacation (I try to imagine the glass as half full), I’m going to learn to adjust and draft my own patterns with some sort of success.

I am biting the bullet in this first post and adding my Croqui to the blog in the name of good sewing and then you will all know what I’m working with. It was fairly simple to make and I will write a small tutorial of how I did it after this post.

So there it is, in all its semi naked glory. My waist is a different shape than I thought it was, which will help with silhouette decisions in the future. I think I’m fairly well proportioned and I already knew that my bust dictates my shape a lot. I can see this getting a lot of use since my procrastinator self loves planning.

Has anyone else got a Croqui they would like to share with the world? Come on, it’s not nearly as scary as it seems. We’re all friends here 🙂



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