The bad side of frolicking in the snow

February 4, 2012 § Leave a comment

It has been a week since our first heavy downfall of snow here in Aarhus and for the last 4 days I have been attached to my bed and duvet. You see, going outside when its -5 to -10 without a hat or ear muffs, wasn’t exactly my smartest move. Not just that, but staying outside all day, for three days straight with my host sister, made the situation worse than if it was just a quick trip to the supermarket. Hello Ear Infection and Headaches! So the finished garment will have to be a next week project, if I find some time.


Here, you can clearly see the culprit, looking all innocent and white.

“Whats that?” I hear you say “IF you find some time? I thought you were on a jobless vacation?”


On Tuesday, I will be getting back to work temporarily for three days with an occasional babysitting job that I managed to find, with a German Italian family. It’s for maybe 5 days a month, so nothing to get your hopes up about but it’s definitely better than nothing. That same Tuesday, I will also have my first Danish language course! This is the best part because, even without a job, from 9.30 to 12.30, Tuesday to Friday, I will now have somewhere to be!

And finally, to top off a week of firsts, this time next week, I will be having my first try at Skiing! It’s vacation week here that week, so a lot of people head for warmer climates or to go Skiing. Needless to say, the “still in high school because it Denmark” boyfriend and I, are tagging along with his lovely family to Livigno, Italy. Fingers crossed that there will be no reports of broken bones upon return and that I will be better at Skiing than I was at Ice Skating. All these cold, winter sports are really not my forte

I bid you adieu and will leave you with some shots from around Aarhus in the snow.





The German Influence

February 1, 2012 § 3 Comments

Last year, while I was still in New Zealand, I was volunteering with an organisation called AFS. AFS helps young students all over the world experience cultural high school exchanges to many different countries, so we can all learn to live in peace through knowing and respecting more about other people and cultures. My older brother and I both completed exchanges, him to Belgium and me to Italy, so my family decided it was about time that we hosted someone in return. This is how I now have a lovely host sister from Germany. Emma lived with my family in New Zealand for 8 months and as with many people who have visited my childhood home, she was drawn in by the allure of my mother’s ENORMOUS fabric and pattern stash. We helped her learn to sew and she also took the Fashion and Design class at the local high school as one of her subjects and I can now happily say that she is just as obsessed with sewing as I am.

Emma came up to Denmark over the weekend and I FINALLY had someone who was willing to spend a day just going around all the fabric stores in Aarhus. My idea of a day in Heaven, but not my boyfriends. We went to the store “Stof 2000”, which I have been frequenting a lot so far, as it’s close to town, and I found some great stuff on the sales table and in the rests bin.



The three Viscoses and the Leather - you can tell I haven't ironed them yet.

I have to admit, I love the soft and floaty feel of, what I think is called (the label is in Danish), “Viscose Cotton”. The fabric hangs really well as it still has a bit of weight. Three of my new fabrics are this so-called “Viscose Cotton”, and I have already made one of them in to a garment I have nearly finished and will hopefully be able to post about in the next few days. Watch this space – or should I say, the space above this. The black material is some thin stretchy Imitation Leather, like the fabric you use for leather look tights. Not too sure what to do with it yet but it feels really nice plus it was cheap Dolce and Gabbana. Who would pass that up?

I am happy to report I have found a large store called “Stof og stil”, sort of like Spotlight in Australia and New Zealand, where the fabric is not priced through the roof and there is a reasonably good range. Only problem is, is that it is way out in the suburbs and takes around 45 mins to get there from leaving home and getting to the store. Ah well. All the more reason for me to stock up at one time!



The thread there is ridiculously cheap for Denmark (12Dkk = $2 USD for 1000m) so I grabbed a few reels in neutral colours which I knew I would use. The only problem is that I have no idea how to tell the quality of threads to know whether is is good or not. Bags of buttons were on sale too so in to the cart they went. The buttons match the (again Danish labels) “Matte Satin” I found perfectly and I already know what I can make with them.

With my stash increased considerably, my “vacation time” will certainly be filling up!

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