Colette Spring/Summer Palette Challenge and Birthday Wishes

April 25, 2012 § 1 Comment

My birthday is coming up soon, June to be precise, and since posting things from New Zealand to Denmark can be a bit of a process, my mum has asked me to give her a list now. Knowing that Mum HATES giving gift vouchers with an undeniable passion, I have been spurred to figure out what exactly she can send me. Clothes never seem to fit right when I order them online and lets just say our tastes in fabric are also quite different, so I moved on to patterns. Living on a tight budget and trying to sew in Denmark, are things that don’t go together so well and the Burdastyle magazines at the library have been getting quite a work out but it’s also nice to have your own personal patterns.

I have also been hearing about the Palette Challenge over at the Coletterie for spring/summer 2012. I’m hoping that it will spur my procrastination in to action and I will be more focused on sewing rather than fluffing around. I’m already half way through one project I had planned for summer so I guess that will be a start. I would love to own that red dress from Modcloth so that will definitely be on the sewing list for this summer.

After much fussing around I settled on wishing for these sewing related things:

Fit for Real People – from the way everyone praises it, it seems like its a womanly curved woman’s dream to turn even the sack-iest sack in to a perfect fit

I’m a sucker for sewing books with patterns

Well if you INSIST that it’s essential…

From top left Colette Macaron, Megan Nielsen Darling Ranges, New Look 6824, Burdastyle 7295, New Look 6968

As you can see from the patterns I have chosen, they are quite fitted. I want to be able to wear a dress that doesn’t look like it’s 1 size too small in one area and 2 sizes too big in others. My goal for this year is to perfectly fit something. I love fitted dresses so I thought that would be a good place to start. The Macaron and Darling Ranges are mostly because everyone else’s versions looked so good! Just pure jealousy, folks!

Til next time!


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