In the Name of Pleather

June 17, 2012 § 4 Comments

I found a lovely way to use my Dolce and Gabbana stretchy pleather this week. I wanted to avoid the obvious thing that came to mind, leggings for anyone wondering what is obvious in my brain, so I started looking around for something different. There are a lot of leather skirts floating around on the net at the moment but that required structure, something my fabric was seriously lacking in.

After staring and playing around with it for at least an hour, I realised that I was thinking too stretchy when the fabric actually had a really lovely drape. Behold my first circle, or part there of, skirt!

It’s just a basic 1/2 circle skirt with help from Mahlia at Fickle Sense. I added an exposed zip at the back and used a cotton I had lying around at the waist so that the waistband wasn’t stretchy.

Nice and easy!

My birthday is on Monday so hopefully I will have some lovely new sewing things to post about. I love my birthday. I’m not afraid to admit that I loved the attention I got as a kid because I was, coincidentally, born on my Dad’s birthday. Tale goes that he was at the pub celebrating when he got a distressed call from my mother. Amelia Jane. Disrupting good beers since 1992!

Til next time!


Sunny Afternoon

June 8, 2012 § Leave a comment

I am thoroughly distracted by summer at the moment and normal sewing habits will hopefully return to normal soon. In the mean time, I’m out in the garden with my new hobby. Updates soon on that front!

On a side note, despite Scandinavia having completely depressing winters with barely any light during the day, the summers are really great. At the moment, the sun is well up by 5am and the light finally fades around 11. Lots of sun and time to frolic at the beach!

4 in the morning and the suns coming up

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