Christmas Trees on the Run

January 5, 2013 § Leave a comment

The last piece of Christmas sewing was a table runner for Bif’s grandmother. She had specifically asked for something hand-made and the only thing I could think to make was something Christmas-y. I searched the interwebs for Christmas table runners that were a bit different and stood out, but most of them had backing or were set on to something. I struck gold when I found these two images;

By combining the two, I got this; a forest of trunkless Christmas trees

long table runner

I cut out four different sizes of trees, with a curved base so they didn’t look so stiff. I don’t remember the widths, but the biggest tree was 20cm tall, the second 17cm, the third 15cm and the smallest 10cm. I cut them out of two different fabrics, though if I would have done more if I had had the fabric on hand. I cut out a white cotton to sew on the back as well so the edges wouldn’t be visible.



The basic process was as follows;

  • Sew cotton and main fabric together, right sides facing, leaving a small gap at base to flip the tree inside out. Flip the tree ¬†inside out. Iron.
  • Stitch around the right side of the tree, sealing the gap at the base.
  • Do this for all the trees and then arrange them in an order you are happy with.
  • Stitch them together, following the lines you have sewn on the outside to hide the extra stitching.

Simple, right? I imagine this would also be pretty easy to do with other shapes like this one. Maybe adding some interfacing would help it stay more stiff as well. We live and we learn.

Til next time!


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