February 19, 2013 § 1 Comment

Only one row of hand stitching until I am done with the houndstooth skirt, but in the meantime, here is something for your perusal


It is a muslin of Colette patterns Sorbetto top. I had just enough fabric left over from this maxi skirt, to make a wearable muslin to try out the fit. To be honest, I was slightly dubious about how this was going to turn out. All my measurements, including the bust, fit in to one size nicely. Immediately I began to think I had done something wrong. Bust measurements were off, I had read the pattern wrong. Something must have made this happen, because I am NEVER one size when it comes to tops. I remeasured and double checked everything, but nothing seemed to be at fault. I began to hesitantly cut it out thinking “it’s only a muslin”.

And I was pleasantly surprised! No major problems except for a small gape in the armhole, front and back. This was nothing I wasn’t expecting, though. Colette patterns are made for a C bust and I haven’t been that for aeons, so of course a bit more shaping was going to be necessary. For the “real” versions, I’ll either leave the dart where it is or move it to add to the bust dart.


The back armhole gape, which is bigger than it seems in the pictures, is just a case of the round shoulders. Nothing that a bit of adjusting can’t fix.


I also think that I will shape the sides down to my waist a bit more. I know it’s supposed to be loose from the bust down but I cant help but want a little more shape.


Other than in the armhole, the back looks pretty good. It’s a tad roomier than I would have liked but I think that will change when I shape the sides a bit.

I didn’t add any photos of the waist and hip area because I plan on chopping it to waist level anyway. I think some crop tops to wear with high-waisted shorts and skirts will be just the ticket in a hot Italian climate later this year!

But that’s it! Surprisingly simple. If all goes well from here, I’ll hopefully have two Sorbetto tops to show you by the middle of next week, as well as the skirt. Less than two weeks of sewing to go!

Til next time!


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