April 27, 2013 § Leave a comment

Don’t worry, I have already given myself a big slap on the wrist for being such a lazy blogger, but to be honest, sewing is the last thing I feel like doing at the moment.

Because of a very complicated situation, I got denied entry when I flew to London and got held overnight in the detention centre in Stansted, before I got packed on to a plane and flown back to Denmark. Not the best of experiences, I can assure you, but really, how many people can say that they have spent 24 hours in no mans land? I felt like I was in “The Terminal”, trying to wash my face in a very small hand basin and sleeping on airport seats. I have all the problems sorted out now and on Wednesday, all going to plan, I will be one happy tourist, wandering around London. A few things I learnt though;

  1.  Airport immigration staff in Britain are scary – until they have to search your underwear. Frank didn’t seem to enjoy that any more than I did.
  2. If you ever find yourself in the same situation, the detention centre where they hold you is comfortable and they just want to be nice to you. The ladies on night shift are hilarious and I can at least say I have watched Coronation Street and eaten Salt and Vinegar chips on what is technically, British soil.
  3. Danish immigration is a piece of cake after that ordeal. The police met me off the plane, checked my visa and told me I could stay as long as I needed. Such sweethearts.

The week after all this, the snow returned to Denmark and doing anything outside would probably have resulted in hypothermia. Once it all started to melt, we took a trip to the art gallery called AROS, in Aarhus and got a few pictures of my houndstooth wool skirt. The photo’s that are yellow, are up in a part of the gallery called the rainbow, a big circle attachment on the top of the building with rainbow tinted glass.











I used the same pattern as I did for my blue wool crepe skirt, Butterick 5015. The skirts are the same, slim waist band with four darts. I used the same method on the zip as I did last time and I am still in love with how much easier it is and how tidy it looks.

I’ve actually had this skirt done for weeks now and I have worn it to death. It is such a good shape to go with everything and I really love the houndstooth with some brightly coloured tights. Makes any cold winters day a little bit better. On a side note, does anyone watch “The Hour”? It’s a cool show about the way news reporting changed in the 50’s on the BBC. A little like Mad Men with some very cool costumes including a houndstooth skirt on the leading lady.

I have sewn two tops and two dresses, all variations of the Sorbetto, but they just need a little more work. Bias binding on the armholes or hemming them up, things that aren’t going to get done when you are having a lack of motivation. As I have mentioned before, because of my lack of sewing machine in England, I won’t be getting much posted but I will post some photos of the things I have been doing instead. Hopefully they won’t bore you all to death!

Til next time!


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